Jason McLean is a Brooklyn-based Canadian artist most widely known for his mixed-media drawings and paintings. These works exhibit a tangled web of thoughts and ideas that take the viewer from place to place through the use of lines and bright, punchy colors. He mixes mediums and pieces of his life often resulting in autobiographical work. As his life and quirky interests heavily influence his art, there are traces of obsessive object collecting, mind-mapping from one idea to the next, and a slew of collaborative improvisational projects throughout.

McLean has exhibited both nationally and internationally, including shows at The National Gallery of Canada, The Vancouver Art Gallery, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Loyal Gallery in Malmo Sweden, Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica, Franklin Parrish Gallery, and Zieher Smith Gallery in New York City. He also has work in a variety of major collections throughout North America including the Museum of Modern Art, Vancouver Art Gallery, Bank of Montreal Collection, and the Royal Bank of Canada.

McLean is represented by Van Der Plas Gallery in New York City, USA, Michael Gibson Gallery in London, Canada, Mónica Reyes Gallery in Vancouver, Canada, and Wilding Cran Gallery in Los Angeles, USA.